Husband Shoots Neighbor’s Pit Bull After it Attacks His Wife and Family Dog in Largo


Husband Shoots Neighbor’s Pit Bull After it Attacks His Wife and Family Dog in Largo

On June 3, 2017, at approximately 11:27 a.m., Largo Police Officers responded to 132 10th Av SW in Largo for an unknown situation.

Once on scene, officers observed an adult female with multiple puncture wounds from a pit bull attack.  The woman was outside in her yard with her small family dog. A neighbor’s 70 pound pit bull came loose and attempted to attack the female victim’s dog. The female attempted to protect her dog and was bit 8 to 9 times by the pit bull.

The woman’s husband was inside and heard the screaming and responded outside to now see the pit bull attacking their family dog. He tried unsuccessfully to release the pit bull from their dog and at this point the husband responded inside and retrieved a .38 caliber handgun.  In addition, neighbors were on scene and also attempting to release the pit bull but were unable.

The husband then shot the pit bull twice at which time the pit bull released. Officers responded on scene at this point and the pit bull was barely alive and suffering. The owner of the pit bull was also on scene and gave permission for the officers to end the suffering of the dog.

Largo Police Officers evacuated the area and once it was deemed safe, the pit bull was euthanized.

The female victim was treated for her non-life threatening wounds at the hospital; the family dog was brought to a local veterinarian and unknown at this time of the status.

Officer’s were visibly upset after they were called to end the suffering of the dog.  No other photos or video taken by IONTB will be released at this time.

There are no criminal charges filed at this point according to Lieutenant Joe Coyle of the Largo Police Department.





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