Animal Rights Activists Steal Fish from Man at St. Petersburg Park

Thanks to Bob Hope for sharing this video. This is the same group that terrorized customers at a Pinellas Park Chick-fil-A.

The following is what was posted by Bob Hope

So, this afternoon, i decided to have my family come down to St Pete to have a nice family day of fishing. We were at Crescent Lake Park enjoying ourselves and my dad actually caught a nice 4 lb tilapia of which we had hoped to later have a meal out of.
He asked my brother to run and fetch the bucket to put this fish in when we were suddenly ambushed and harassed by these nut jobs!!! They literally pushed my mothers leg and stole the fish and threw it into the water. Here’s a little video of some of the incident. Even strangers in the park were coming to our defense. I called the police, but the woman who came did not want to end up on video so she said she was doing nothing. I sure wish a few of my friends who are Pinellas Counties finest had answered this call. What do you guys think? Comment away.




  1. Its illegal and the officer should have arrested someone. Florida Statute 372.705, “Harassment of hunters, trappers and fishers,” states:
    (1) A person may not intentionally, within a public or privately owned wildlife management or fish management area or on any state-owned water body:
    (a) Interfere with or attempt to prevent the lawful taking of fish, game, or nongame animals by another.
    (b) Attempt to disturb fish, game or nongame animals or attempt to affect their behavior with the intent to prevent their lawful taking by another.
    (1) is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
    (2) Any person who violates subsection
    The latter two statutes set the penalty for a second degree misdemeanor as up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.

  2. Tilapia, an invasive species in Florida. It is harmful to the local ecosystem including the native species which are protected by various fishing regulations and practices.

    Such as catch and release whereby a fish is caught but returned to its habitat almost immediately. That does not mean throwing the fish, much less hurling it like a frisbee from heights. The impact would kill the fish. Not save it.

    No word on how the native fish in that lake feel about their suffering the invasion of Tilapia. No word on how fish feel about being launched into the air to smash into the lake surface or into rocks and whatnot. But you can take that vegan’s word at face value because by his own stated standards he was cruel to the animal he heorically saved.


    Meanwhile he and his accomplices did harrass lawful citizens, did steal their property, did commit an assault when grappling for the fisherman’s catch. He showed ignorance of the law, of the local ecosystem, of standard methods of releasing fish, and of common decency when discussing opinions (and scientific facts) with people he does not know and who have asked him to leave them alone. He even showed ignorance of Scripture regarding the catching and eating of fish. His opinion about what fish feel is gibberish. Maybe he should “protest” fish eating fish; maybe he should harrass a bear catching and eating fish; maybe he should treat his children as fish, I dunno, if fish are just like children.

  3. The police officers did a good job of calming down the situation, but they had evidence and witnesses to the vegan breaking the law. Might not be worth their trouble, I guess, for this one incident but discouragement of furhter harrassment, stealing, and assault might justify encouraging the police to pursue this a bit further.


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