Barricaded Juvenile Leads to SWAT Callout in Pinellas Park


On Wednesday, February 15th at approximately 3:30pm Pinellas Park Police patrol units responded to 5839 62 Avenue #121 North in Pinellas Park. The call was in reference to a physical disturbance between two juvenile brothers.

Upon the arrival of police units officers made contact with the youngest brother 14 year-old EC. and his mother Saleemah Johnson who were both found outside the condo.

According to Pinellas Park Police, information was provided to officers that EC and his older brother 16 year-old KJ had been involved in physical fight inside the condo during which time EC stated that he had slashed his brother’s hand with a butcher knife and in retaliation KJ threatened him with a handgun.

Saleemah Johnson was not home at the time and arrived just prior to officers.  Officers were told that KJ had retreated back inside the condo with the firearm and was refusing to come out.

A blood trail leading back into the apartment was also located.  Officers evacuated nearby condos and attempted to make contact with KJ. After several attempts to communicate with KJ with no response from inside the condo a SWAT callout was initiated at approximately 5:30pm.

Responding SWAT officers and negotiators continued to try and make contact and communicate with KJ.

During this time officers could only hear a TV on inside the condo with no visual confirmation of KJ being inside.

Negotiators were later able to make contact with KJ both by phone and text message.  While trying to confirm KJ’s whereabouts they were able to locate his mobile phone’s location at 2601 30th Avenue North (Teresa’s Food Mart) in St. Petersburg.

Investigators from the Pinellas Park Police contacted the St. Petersburg Police Department and requested to have officers check the address for KJ

Upon arrival of the St. Petersburg PD units KJ was located and taken into custody without incident.

Pinellas Park Police cleared the residence and no other subjects were located.  During this same time when Pinellas Park Police officers attempted to take EC into custody he attempted to flee on foot but was caught on the property.

At this time investigators are trying to determine the location of the firearm and they are trying to determine how KJ came to be in possession of the firearm.

Both brothers have been charged with the felony charges listed below and were transported to the Pinellas County Juvenile Assessment Center.

KJ has been charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm which are felony charges.

EC has been charged with one count of aggravated battery which is a felony charge.

During the SWAT callout 62nd Avenue was shutdown between 58th Street and 60 Street.





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