Bomb Squad Clears Device at Tyrone Mall


Suspicious Devices at Tyrone Square Mall

At 6:31 p.m. tonight, Tyrone Square Mall security notified the St. Petersburg Police Department of suspicious devices located outside of the mall near the food court entrance (southern side of the mall.)

Officers responded, and in an abundance of caution, roped-off the area around the suspicious devices. The Tampa Bomb Squad responded.

The mall was still open for business and the only store that was closed was Victoria’s Secret.

The suspicious devices was located by their exterior door

Members of the Tampa Bomb Squad have determined that they were three sections of underground power cable. The sections of cable were approximately 12″ in length and around 2″ in diameter. The cables had end caps that were taped onto their ends making them somewhat resemble pipe bombs.

Three teens had found the items somewhere nearby and were playing with them. When approached by mall security, they placed them on the ground. There was no criminal intent or wrongdoing on the part of the teens.




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