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Employee arrested in Case of Abuse Against Disabled Adult at Orchid Cove in Palm Harbor

Pinellas County deputies initiated an investigation on May 24, 2023, following a report of an employee allegedly battering a vulnerable adult resident at Orchid Cove in Palm Harbor. The incident was brought to the attention of law enforcement by the facility’s administrative coordinator.

According to deputies familiar with the case, the incident occurred earlier that day. Delana Dallas-Hudson, a 51-year-old certified nursing assistant employed at the facility, was identified as the alleged perpetrator. It was revealed that Dallas-Hudson had pushed the victim to the ground after the victim had made repeated requests for ice from her. Witnesses confirmed hearing the victim ask for ice, followed by the sound of someone falling.

One staff member stated that Dallas-Hudson had exclaimed, “Go ahead, hit me!” during the altercation.

Further investigation uncovered that the victim had solely requested ice, but Dallas-Hudson provided a cup containing ice and water. The victim, who is non-verbal, followed Dallas-Hudson while repeating “ice.” When Dallas-Hudson grabbed and crushed the cup the victim held, causing the ice water to spray onto the victim, she pushed the victim to the ground.

Deputies apprehended Dallas-Hudson and conducted an interview during which she admitted to crushing the cup held by the victim, resulting in ice water hitting the victim. Additionally, Dallas-Hudson confessed to pushing the victim in the chest, despite the victim posing no threat of violence.

Subsequently, Dallas-Hudson’s employment was terminated, and she was subsequently arrested and charged with one count of Abuse of a Disabled Adult.

Fortunately, the victim sustained only minor injuries as a result of the incident.

The investigation into this case is ongoing.

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