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Off-duty Clearwater Police officer under arrest for DUI after stopping to speak with Tarpon Springs officers

Clearwater Police officer, 38 year-old Brian R. Tejera of Palm Harbor, was arrested by two officers of the Tarpon Springs Police Department (TSPD).

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, at approximately 1:10 a.m., two uniformed TSPD officers, in marked patrol vehicles, were parked in the parking lot at 501 S. Pinellas Ave., when they observed a vehicle enter the parking lot erratically and stop next to one of the officers.

The driver of the vehicle, later identified as Brian R. Tejera (38 years of age), parked his vehicle in an area adjacent to the officers and began to speak with one of the officers. Tejera began to exhibit odd behavior and began making unusual and erratic statements to the officers.

During the initial interaction, one of the officers heard what he believed to be the sound of the slide from a semi-automatic handgun being manipulated. At that time, the officers confronted Tejera, to attempt to ensure that he was not armed, and Tejera voluntarily exited his vehicle and spoke with officers.

After Tejera exited the vehicle, officers were able to ascertain that a firearm was in the vehicle (the firearm had apparently been rendered safe by Tejera, as the magazine was removed from the handgun). While speaking with officers, he made statements indicating that he was employed as a Clearwater police officer.

It was determined that Tejera was off-duty at the time and in a private vehicle. The officers on the scene then requested the response of a patrol supervisor.

From the contact, officers determined that Tejera was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, after having observed him operating a vehicle.

During the contact, Tejera eventually exhibited an aggressive demeanor towards the officers on the scene; however, he was taken into custody without force. According to arrest documentation, officers detected an obvious odor of an alcoholic beverage emanate from his mouth as he spoke. They also documented his eyes to be glossy, red, watery and bloodshot. Arresting officers reported, “For the safety of all involved, a breath test was not administered due to his behavior.”

An open container of Four Loko was found in the passenger floorboard of the vehicle.

Clearwater Police Department supervisors were contacted and made aware of the incident. Tejera was charged with DUI and transported to the Pinellas County Jail and the case will be handled by the State Attorney’s Office in regard to charges.

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