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One Dead in High-Speed Pinellas Park Crash

Crashed vehicle on 66th Street
Crashed vehicle on 66th Street

One Dead in High-Speed Pinellas Park Crash

Posted: December 12, 2015 – 10AM
Updated: December 12, 2015 – 5:30PM

At approximately 12:36 AM, units from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Pinellas Park Police, Florida Highway Patrol, Pinellas Park Fire Rescue, and Sunstar began converging on a vehicle crash.

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The crash occurred in the southbound lanes of 66th Street just south of 102nd Avenue N.  The vehicle crash was proceeded with a report from a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy of, “2 cars doing over 100 mph southbound on 66th street blowing red lights, I am not in pursuit.”  Shortly thereafter, one of the cars crashed into a utility pole and tree.  The deputy reported that the vehicle was full of smoke and that there was entrapment.  Flames were also seen but were put out by a fire extinguisher prior to arrival by the fire department.

Two occupants were located in the heavily damaged vehicle.  The female in that vehicle was transported to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg and the male was declared deceased on-scene while still in the vehicle.

Investigators from Pinellas Park Police took over the investigation as it was within the city limits.  Many questions remain and this will be a very complex investigation.  It appeared that 3 vehicles at the scene will be removed and examined by investigators.  It is unknown how many of vehicles made contact with each other.  The collision did sever the bottom of a utility pole which would not be repaired until the vehicle was removed from the location.  As of sunrise, the vehicle and the victim still remained on-site.  Duke Energy reported a small power outage to several homes when they de-energized two transformers very early this morning.

Investigators will be reviewing the video from surveillance systems in the area.  One video did show the crash from a few blocks away but still provided some answers into the details of the crash.

Yordan Acosta Cortina
Yordan Acosta Cortina

This may have been a domestic incident based on additional information released today by Pinellas Park Police.

37 year-old Yordan Acosta Cortina of Tampa, has now been arrested and facing charges of Aggravated Stalking and Manslaughter.  The new information indicates that Cortina was following his ex-girlfriend, Madelyn Gonzalez-Mederos of St. Petersburg, as she left her place of work.  She was in the vehicle with her new boyfriend Addienys Calderon-Martinez.

It appears that Cortina, driving a 2006 Nissan Altima, followed the vehicle at a high rate of speed which resulted in Gonzalez-Mederos loosing control of the 2010 Honda Accord.  There does not appear to be any evidence that he struck or rammed the victim’s vehicle.  Her new boyfriend, Addinys Calderon-Martinez, died in the crash.  She was transported to Bayfront with injuries being described as non life-threatening.

According to an arrest affidavit, it is reported that Cortina arrived at her place of employment at about 11:30PM, one hour from her leaving for the night.  Cortina admits that he pulled up beside her vehicle and told her to “get out of the car.”  Gonzalez-Medreros reports having been in an abusive relationship with Cortina and recognized the angered face that always proceeded past physical abuse. The fear of her ex-boyfriend caused her to drive faster and run red lights to escape Corina to escape any injuries.  Cortina does admit chasing them in speeds “much faster than 80 MPH.”  A 911 call was placed and recorded by her boyfriend, Calderon-Martinez, at 12:35AM, just prior to the crash. He stated he was being “persecuted and followed.”  Cortina blames Gonzalez-Mederos as she would not communicate with him.

The investigation continues.


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