Pinellas Park Police Investigating Woman’s Death at Recycling Services of Florida


Pinellas Park Police Investigating Woman’s Death at Recycling Services of Florida

UPDATE 5:30 p.m.

82 year-old Ida Kuhlmann Pacheco of Pinellas Park, FL died after being struck by a Front-end Loader.

A 52 year-old St. Petersburg man was operating the Caterpillar 930M (30,879.0 lbs), 164.0 hp Front-end Loader this morning at approximately 11:40am

Ms. Pacheco was dropping of recycling materials at 3560 126th Avenue (Recycling Services of Florida). After off loading her materials investigators believe that Ms. Pacheco walked away from the public drop off area to an area of the recycling center that had actively working front-end loaders that were moving materials from large piles and dumping them into a large truck for removal.

One of these front-end loaders was leaving a pile of recycled material and headed to the drop off truck when it struck Ms. Pacheco killing her on scene.

The location where Ms. Pacheco was struck is not in the area of where the public drops off their recycling material, but is in a roadway area where the front-end loaders are operating.

Ms. Pacheco’s body was discovered after as the operator circled back from dropping off the load of material at which time police and paramedics were notified.

It has been determined that OSHA will not be involved in the investigation since the deceased was not an employee of the business.

Pinellas Park Police investigators are working the death as an accident and no criminal charges are expected at this time.

The victim’s family has now been notified.

No further information is expected to be released.



On August 15, 2017 at approximately 11:36am first responders responded to Recycling Services of Florida located at 3560 126th Avenue North in Pinellas Park.

All that is known at this time is that an adult female has been pronounced deceased on scene after she was possibly struck by some sort of construction equipment on the property.

According to Sgt M. Lynch of the Pinellas Park Police Department, it is unknown if the deceased subject is an employee or a customer of the business.

Additional information will be released later today once more information is learned from investigators.




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