Seminole Man Dead After Altercation in St. Pete Beach


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  1. This is an outrage I have known the deceased for 20 years and he has an outstanding record helping and defusing many problems between people. That club has had a bad rap for many years and this is not the only time clubs have over used there power to deduce a problem. All I have to say is if there life and job are on the line they would lie like a rug. I feel bad this happened he was one of the most well known and love guys around town.

    • I knew Dave for 10 years and Anthony is right,,,,,,he was a great peacemaker and defuser. The fact is that Dave was known to avoid conflict NOT participate. He knew the damage he could inflict on someone, which is why he didn’t! This story stinks of utter bullshit. That club should be shut down. The fact is that a great man is gone due to an ignorant situation and establishment. This needs to be looked into very closely.

    • So, it is now almost a full week later. I did not directly know “yost” but know others who are devastated by the news. As a journalist I would imagine that the story doesn’t end at the initial publication. With that said, why are there no updates to this story? In agreement with others comments, there is more to the story. Especially for such a rinky dink establishment which on a good night has 4 cars in the lot? Time to get some updates and information on the story.

  2. Nobody got in trouble no one went to jail.. because they didn’t know who to charge!! neglect on every angle you this happen, from the time the call was first made, from the manager not stating the urgency of the situation, from the police officers who arrived and were more concerned about arresting someone than saving a life, to the bouncer whom I’m more than sure lied. If they would have told the truth & called right away EMS would have been able to there Job. Instead they waited, when the manager called the cops, he said there was a fight and a guy was wrestled to the ground, his nose is bleeding. The hospital is less than 4 minutes away from mermaids, the police arrived to the scene within minutes (knowing damn well they have to be certified in CPR & have to the knowledge to assist the situation) EMS arrived later than the police more than 7 minutes (they didn’t make it a priority because the manger didn’t state the proper urgency. They thought he was snoring, he wasn’t, his windpipe was collapse (he died from asphyxiation) which obviously how does someone die from that if was “just wrestled to the ground”?! The state said it just was a unfortunate incident. No nobody did anything, a good man dies, lives get destroyed, nobody gets held accountable nor charged because… you can finish the rest.
    Always in my thoughts David and I will never stop loving you.


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