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St. Petersburg Police investigating crash on 34th Street N with critical injuries

The St. Petersburg Police Department is investigating a crash that left a man with critical injuries. The crash occurred in the 1700 block of 34th Street North at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Friday, October 8, 2021.

Investigators say that a white 1993 Honda Del Sol, being driven by 24 year-old Brandon Heric of St. Petersburg was traveling northbound on 34th Street North in the center lane.

A white 2020 Mercedes Sprinter van, being driven by 40 year-old Nicholas Limoges of St. Petersburg was traveling southbound on 34th Street North in the curb lane.

A black 2018 Ford F150, being driven by 75 year-old Jerry Carreno of St. Petersburg, was traveling southbound on 34th Street North in the center lane. Pamela Gilzow, age 74 year-old, was the front seat passenger in the F150.

A gold 2001 Toyota Solara, being driven by 31 year-old Jalissa Watson of St. Petersburg was traveling southbound on 34th Street North in the center lane, behind the F150. The Del Sol was driving at a high rate of speed as it approached the intersection with 17th Avenue North.

There is discrepancy among the witnesses whether the Del Sol ran the red light at this intersection, but all agreed it suddenly accelerated to greater speed as it approached and passed through. The Del Sol then lost control on the north side of the intersection and the vehicle began rotating counter clockwise.

The Del Sol crossed the center median into the southbound lanes of 34th Street North where the front end of the vehicle crashed into the driver side of the Sprinter van. The Del Sol was redirected by the collision into the path of the F150. The front end of the F150 crashed into the rear passenger side of the Del Sol. The Solara was behind the F150, did not have time to avoid the collision, and rear ended the F150. Between the impact with the Sprinter van
and the F150, the driver of the Del Sol, Brandon Heric, was ejected from the vehicle and came to rest on the west sidewalk of 34th Street North.

Heric was transported from the scene to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg with life threatening injuries and is still in critical condition. Police say that Heric was not wearing a seatbelt.

Carreno, Gilzow and Watson were all also transported to local hospitals with minor injuries.

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