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Teen babysitter arrested for placing a lit marijuana cigarette in the mouth of a 1-year-old in Unincorporated Largo

Detectives from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrested 17-year-old Naledi Roberts on one count of Felony Child Abuse after she recorded herself on a video placing a lit marijuana cigarette in the mouth of the victim. The victim is only identified as a 1-year-old female. Roberts was babysitting the victim, and the victim was left in Roberts’ care by the victim’s 16-year-old mother. Roberts and the victim’s mother are friends. 

On Thursday, March 23, 2023, deputies responded to a private residence in unincorporated Largo for allegations of child abuse. Deputies contacted Roberts, who initially admitted to smoking marijuana near the victim but denied placing the marijuana cigarette in the victim’s mouth. 

Detectives obtained the video, showing Roberts placing the marijuana cigarette in the victim’s mouth. The victim then inhales while the lit marijuana cigarette is in their mouth, and the embers begin to glow brighter. Roberts then takes the marijuana cigarette out of the mouth of the 1-year-old victim and places it into her mouth, and inhales, causing the embers to glow brighter. 

On Friday, March 24, 2023, detectives interviewed Roberts, who admitted to watching the victim and placing the marijuana cigarette in the victim’s mouth. Roberts refused to explain why she put the marijuana cigarette in the victim’s mouth while she was babysitting the victim for her 16-year-old friend, who is the victim’s mother. 

Roberts was arrested and charged with one count of Felony Child Abuse.

Roberts was transported to the Pinellas Juvenile Assessment Center without incident. 

The investigation continues. 

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