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Silver Alert Issued for St. Petersburg Man

Silver Alert for Largo Man

Silver Alert Issued for Pinellas Park Man

86 year-old Frank Marion Adams missing from home on Easy Street in Unincorporated Largo

Silver Alert Issued for Largo Man

IONTB Requesting Your Help to Grow and Flourish

Next month will be the 5-year anniversary since the inception of IONTB. The growth of IONTB has been beyond my wildest comprehension. Recently we exceed over 52,000 likes on Facebook and was named Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay Blogger and runner-up in the Twitter category. IONTB has been cited by many mainstream news organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area as well as on a national level. It has provided B-Roll video to local news media for their broadcast and content to our local newspaper.

IONTB has been first with so many stories of interest in the Tampa Bay area. We believe that many incidents would likely go unnoticed if it were not for our postings.

IONTB prides itself on what can be described as consumer driven news. It investigates incidents whenever possible, scrutinizing even further when a large number of people begin to inquire. It tries not to post many stories that are not of interest to its followers. The goals of IONTB vary greatly than that of the mainstream media. Another whole set of varied agendas exist among the many different local agencies, board, departments and corporations. Due to these differences, IONTB continues to experience many challenges that threaten the existence of our service. Some of these very recent challenges may be discussed in further detail at a more appropriate time and forum.

In addition, Facebook has removed many news sites from user’s timeline reducing the viewership of many of our posts. This has led to a large decrease in followers seeing our posts and many people asking about something that was already posted. Also, YouTube has all but stopping paying creators for placing ads in video hosted on their site. Google has also drastically reduced the amount being paid for hosting ads on the IONTB website.

IONTB has incurred ever growing expenses from legal fees, freedom of information requests, web hosting, mobile app development, professional liability insurance, incorporation fees, photo/audio/video equipment and repairs, technology, and promotional material. Of course, none of this takes into account the time and energy needed to provide our non-stop, day in and day out service.

Our operating expenses are not huge by any stretch of imagination but funds are necessary for our continued survival and growth.

IONTB is decided to partner with a website Patreon. Patreon allows fans to support content creators such as IONTB. Over a million patrons help support about 50,000 creators every month. The mobile app allows for the dissemination of exclusive content and even the ability for live chat sessions and behind the scene video and photos.

We are asking for your help supporting IONTB by contributing at https://www.patreon.com/iontb/creators.

We are asking for just a small contribution on a monthly basis to help continue IONTB to flourish and enhance the coverage of news in the Tampa Bay area. Think of it as just giving up just a couple of your favorite coffee drinks each month.

You fully control your contributions and may increase, decrease, or cancel support at any time.

Patreon also allow rewards to given to specific contributors such as live chats, exclusive photos/videos, vinyl IONTB stickers for vehicles, and discounts on IONTB merchandise.

A one-time contribution can also be made to at the following through Paypal. https://www.paypal.me/iontb

IONTB has helped so many over the past 5 years. It has contributed so much to the community through being an information source and sponsoring many admirable events bettering the community. We have served so many while serving as a victim advocate and helping many others to feel at ease during incidents.

Please contribute today to allow this service to continue.

Corporate sponsorships and customized website ads are also available. If any companies are interested in advertising on IONTB.COM please contact me at steven@iontb.com or call 727-580-2900.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.