40th Avenue Bridge closed for emergency repairs St. Petersburg


40th Avenue Bridge closed for emergency repairs in St. Petersburg

Following independent inspection of the structural integrity of the 40th Avenue Bridge, the span which connects the neighborhoods of Northeast Park and Shore Acres will be closed to traffic for approximately two weeks to initiate emergency repairs.

At the request of the City of St. Petersburg, consultants performed a field review of the bridge Thursday August 10, 2017.

At that time, inspectors noted an accelerated deterioration of supporting strands as loose concrete covering them was removed. The concern of the consultants was relayed to city engineering personnel, who made the immediate decision to close the bridge and commence emergency repairs.

“This is something that we felt we needed to do,“ said Director of Engineering and Capital Improvement Projects Brejesh Prayman. “Right now.”

The original center parts of the bridge appear to be the most at-risk, according to the consultant’s report. Engineers are examining the possibility that traffic can be re-routed to the structurally sound edges sides of the span while contractors complete the needed emergency repairs and replacement of the interior bridge portions. Re-routing of the vehicular traffic will happen first – and will likely force the closure of pedestrian walkways for a longer period of time.

In the interim, traffic will need to use the Snell Isle Boulevard NE Bridge just to the south of the closure onto the island or – from the north — use the Bayou Grande Boulevard access from 62nd Avenue N.

“We realize that this emergency closure and repair process is an inconvenience,” said Prayman. “But the safety of our residents is of the utmost importance.”




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