Fire in the Gymnasium at Lakewood High School Extinguished

Photo courtesy of St. Petersburg Fire Rescue

Fire in the Gymnasium at Lakewood High School Extinguished

Around 5:40am, St. Petersburg Fire Rescue responded to 1400 54th Ave S, Lakewood High School, for reports of a possible structure fire.

A maintenance worker discovered a fire in the gymnasium and notified 911.

There was no students in the school at the time and there is no reported injuries.

Fire crews have extinguished the fire, contained to the gym, and they are in the process of ventilating the structure which was completely full of smoke.

According to Lakewood High, buses will be rerouted to drop off students on 16th Street and students will enter through the CAT building.  Walkers and car riders will enter through the front as normal.  Students wanting breakfast will be routed through Student Services to the Cafeteria.

The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time. The fire was contained to the gymnasium and will not affect students attending class.

The gymnasium was being remodeled at the time of the fire and was closed to the students prior to the fire and it will remain closed until further notice