Hudson Man Killed When Cut Off By SUV On US-19 In Palm Harbor


Hudson Man Killed When Cut Off By SUV On US-19 In Palm Harbor

Posted: May 28, 2016 – 12:10 PM

The badly damaged motorcycle came to rest in the curb lane of US Hwy 19 in Palm Harbor
The badly damaged motorcycle came to rest in the curb lane of US Hwy 19 in Palm Harbor

A Hudson man was killed in a crash that occurred about 5:35 PM on Friday, May 27, 2016.  The crash occurred at the intersection of US-19 and Estancia Blvd in Palm Harbor.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, 46 year-old John Kennan of Hudson was traveling in a 2014 Jeep Cherokee southbound on US-19 in the left turn lane approaching Estancia Boulevard.

At the same time, 59 year-old Carl Edward Castleberry of Hudson was traveling northbound on US-19 in the outside lane approaching Estancia Boulevard. He was the helmeted rider on a 2006 Harley Motorcycle.

Kennan proceeded to make a left turn to travel east on Estancia Boulevard and failed to yield the right-of-way to Castleberry.

As a result, the front of the motorcycle struck the right side of the Jeep which then overturned in the eastbound lanes of Estancia Blvd.

SUV rests on its roof following crash that killed a motorcyclist
SUV rests on its roof following crash that killed a motorcyclist

Castleberry sustained fatal injuries and died at the scene of the crash.

FHP continues their investigation into the details of the crash and charges are pending.  They do not believe alcohol played a role in the crash.





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  1. This is ridiculous something more needs to be done to these drivers cutting off bikers and killing them! Vehicular manslaughter at least! Not these petty little faliure to yeild or careless driving tickets! We are not lesser because we ride a motorcycle! We have families, friends,& loved ones that depend on us to be there for them. Just like any cager! This why should we care about bikers attitude sucks! Just because you see a kid on a sport bike doing wheelies or speeding excessively doesnt make us all bad. Plus cagers it’s not your job to police us leave that to the actual police! So dont break check us, dont sling open your door because we are splitting lanes or riding the shoulder. Realize our bikes are air cooled and get dangerously hot sitting in traffic. Dont box us in oir only wish is to get away from all your 2 ton death machines so we feel safer. We are not trying to show off or you up! And for godsakes please look twice to safe a life we are smaller harder to see and if you cut us off we have zero protection against your car! Asking for people to watch out for bikers is not too much to ask! We are the ones at risk! Not out cars that insurance can fix or waiting one or two extra seconds to be sure its clear will not hurt you in any way!

  2. I knew the motorcyclist who was killed in this accident and he leaves behind sooooooo many broken hearts because of the stupidity of the driver of the SUV. Ed wasnt just Ed..he was known as “pops” to so many people who loved him, cared bout him and are deeply devestated by this incident. He was a father brother son friend and honestly genuine person you couldbt help but love. He has helped a numerous amount of people in so many ways and touched so many hearts n lives this is seriously a tragedy i to so many people and it is affecting a ton of lives. The other driver absolutely should be charged and then concicted on vehicular manslaughter charges due to the fact he did not take 2 seconds out of his apparently busy day to yield so this. Incident could have been avoided. I know he didnt plan to kill someone and im sure feels terrible but he cannot get away with a slap on the wrist for taking an innocent life. He should of been cautious and aware of his surroundings especially while driving a vehicle. Now his actions have made an everlasting impact on a lot of people whos lives will also never be the same because of the loss of pops. He didnt deserve this soley because of the amazing individual he was and always looking out and helpibg others well before himself. Not to many people can say that. … I am sorry for the loved ones of the other driver but he made his bed and now he has to lie in it.. RIP Pops we love you and cant wait to meet you again in paradise. You will NEVER be forgotten. XOXO


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