Largo Man Arrested for DUI after Vehicle Crash in Seminole

Booking photo for Lucas Burton
Booking photo for Lucas Burton

Largo Man Arrested for DUI after Vehicle Crash in Seminole

Posted: October 11, 2015 – 1:15 PM

A Largo man was arrested Saturday night by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.  36 year-old Lucas Alan Burton was arrested after his involvement in a 5 car crash at the intersection of Seminole Blvd and 102nd Avenue.  The 7:23PM crash Saturday night sent two people to the hospital with injuries.

According to Deputies, Burton had a strong obvious odor of an alcohol beverage with unsteady staggering eyes that were bloodshot, watery, and glassy.  According to the arrest documentation, Burton was unable
to perform field sobriety exercises.  After being read this Miranda warning, he admitted consuming two fireball shots, a shot of whisky, and a couple of beers. In addition, he also admitted to taking multiple medications including Soma, Vicodin, Topamax, Gabapentin,
Paxil and Vyvanse, along with smoking marijuana.

According to the complaint, Burton has been living in Florida for the past eight years and never obtained a Florida driver’s license or Florida license plate.  He has been charged with 3 counts of DUI with property damage, 2 counts of DUI with injury, and failing to register his vehicle and obtain a Florida Driver’s License.

Burton is currently being held in the Pinellas County Jail on $5,500 bail.  Documentation indicates this is not a first time offense. Appears that Burton had a DUI conviction in January 2013.

No information is available on the hospitalized subjects but their injuries were deemed to be non-life threatening.


  1. Your information is incorrect. You should fact check your information before posting it on the internet for the entire world to see. If you are not going to fact check your information before publishing it, then you need to state that it’s your speculation. This individual has had a FL DL (check public records) and none of the medication that you mentioned was found in his system. Oh and btw make sure you look up what these medications are so you don’t appear ignorant. 80-yr old grandmas are prescribed migraine and antidepressant medication. He was not asked to perform a field sobriety test.

    A true writer or journalist would validate information before publishing it to avoid a decline in their credibility. Unless you are a content mill writer, then it doesn’t matter if you are spreading lies across the internet. This is why the media is seen by many as a circus, due to people like you. I am not trying to negate the fact that there is a real issue at hand. However, the real issue is that the information provided in this article is completely false and should not have been published to begin with. Even if you said so-called “deputies” provided this information to you.

    Maybe you should consider a different field, investigative journalism is not for you.

    • My information may be incorrect but like it or not, it is the information obtained on the complaint/arrest affidavit filed with the Clerk of the Court in Pinellas County. All of the information is part of the legal record and it up to the legal system to determine guilt or innocence.
      My job is not to fact check but to report the information that is available at the time. It is however, my obligation to update information as it becomes available as the case moves through the criminal justice system.
      I do not and have never speculated when dealing with these very serious issues.
      Nowhere was their any mention that any of these medications being in his system. That information was not in my article and unsure how it could have been misinterpreted that way. Any accusations against my credibility should be directed at Deputy Wayne Wagner of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office if you believe that he falsified information to the courts.
      It is in fact, you, that is making libelous statement against us here at IONTB.
      As a courtesy, I would be more than happy to send you and post on this site copies the the 7 arrest affidavits that have been filed with Pinellas County.
      Your are correct that I am not an investigative journalist and have never claimed to be. However, I do have a doctorate in pharmacy and are familiar with all of the these medications and their usage.

  2. **FACT**

    Lucas Burton admitted to police that he had all those drugs in his system and that he had been drinking. Blood work was done when he was brought to the hospital in handcuffs to be checked for injuries due to how serious this accident was.


    Lucas may have a FL DL but it is suspended due to prior DUI’s that he has obtained in Florida since he has lived here and in other states. So, no he does not have a valid Florida DL.


    Lucas Burton, Luke Burton, Buke Lurton (Facebook name’s) was intoxicated (either it be prescribed RX meds or illegal) in court 2x already. He was falling asleep in court, when functioning he was fidgety, and sweating like it was 150 degrees. Staring at people with his mouth wide open. Surprised he was drooling when he was in there.


    Field sobriety test wouldn’t need to be done because they were not doing a DUI stop. They were in FACT doing an arrest after blood work was done at the hospital, that proved all this.

    So, Amber Jayde since you weren’t there because he was alone when he was driving. That means its either Rhonda Martin his girlfriend or Lucas himself trying to save face.

    Either way he seriously injured the people he hit. Which one was a little girl that was 2 yrs old. You almost killed her mother and this little girl.


    FYI you don’t have to be a geriatric patient to be prescribed antidepressants or migraine medications.


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