Largo residents urged to immediately halt use of reclaimed water


Effective immediately, the City of Largo urges residents to discontinue the use of any reclaimed water.

The City of Largo Environmental Services Department has notified City Leaders that reclaimed water is not meeting disinfection criteria in place to protect the public and natural environment.


This issue does not affect drinking water or any water coming into your home through faucets in your kitchen or bathroom.

As of November 21, at 4pm, the system was shut down for an undefined duration.

Environmental Services staff is currently working to develop solutions that can resolve the issue and get the system back online for residential and commercial customers. The community is asked to shut down reclaimed water irrigation systems until further notice.

As inconvenient as this disruption may be, public health and safety is the main focus, according to City Leadership.

The City states they are working hard to ensure everything is back to normal as soon as the reclaimed water is in compliance with disinfection criteria.

Updates will be posted to every 12 hours or when they are made available.

Questions can be directed to Environmental Service between 8am and 5pm by calling 727-507-4460.



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