McDonalds Customer Attacks Two Employees in St. Petersburg on New Years Eve


On Monday Dec. 31st, around 6:50pm, at the McDonald’s (located at 4595 34th St. S), a customer and an employee got into a verbal argument about straws.

The customer, 40 year-old Daniel Taylor reached over the counter and 
grabbed employee, 20 year-old Yasmine James, who defended herself by  punching Taylor in the face, as he held on to her shirt’s collar. 

After a short struggle, Taylor and James were separated.

Taylor continued to yell at employees, when the manager asked him to leave the  premises.

Before leaving the restaurant, Taylor kicked McDonalds employee, 23 year-old Tateona Bell in the stomach, as she stood near the exit door.

Police were called and we began their investigation.  Officers reviewed video of the incident at the scene.

Shortly thereafter, police received a call from 1800 34th St. S for an unarmed  robbery.  When the officers arrived, they recognized Taylor from the video at McDonald’s and took him into custody.  Taylor faces two charges of Simple  Battery. 

The investigation into the matter continues. 




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