Motorcyclist Dead In Seminole Crash on Park Street

Burnt motorcycle on Park Street after fire extinguished
Burnt motorcycle on Park Street after fire extinguished

Motorcyclist Dead In Seminole Crash on Park Street

Posted: July 23, 2015 – 7 PM

Reports of a vehicle crash come in shortly before 12:54 PM on Thursday, July 23, 2015.  Fire rescue units were dispatched from both Seminole and Lealman along with Sunstar Paramedics and Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.  It was reported that a motorcyclist was down in the roadway and his motorcycle was on fire.

Due to the extent of his injuries, 32 year-old Gregory Lavallie of Largo died on the scene. Crews from Lealman Fire Department worked to extinguish the burning motorcycle which traveled over 200 feet following the collision.

According to a press release from Cristen Smith of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Lavallie was traveling on a 2006 Suzuki Motorcycle southbound on Park Street in Seminole. As the flow of traffic began to slow due to the traffic signal changing from yellow to red, the driver of the motorcycle continued to drive at a high rate of speed between cars.  As the motorcycle entered the intersection of Park Street and 49th Avenue, 82 year-old Marilyn Weeks of St. Petersburg driving a 2003 Subaru, had a green light and began to make a left turn onto 49th Avenue.

fire1The report additional states the motorcycle driver attempted to avoid a collision, causing him to lose control of the motorcycle according to deputies. Lavallie was ejected from the bike and struck the rear wheel area of the Subaru. The motorcycle continued to slide down the roadway and caught on fire. Debris from the motorcycle struck a 1997 Lincoln that was traveling in the area of the crash.

The drivers of both the Subaru and the Lincoln were not injured in the crash.

Southbound lanes of Park Street were shut down for several hours during the investigation. All lanes have since reopened.

The investigation continues.


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  1. Unless anyone of you were physically there you wont know anything but what the reports say so ….lets make sure we know facts. At the end of the day he is gone so lets poor all our emotions and feelings into helping his wife and kids. There we over 20 witnesses at the scene i know because i was there.

  2. My wife was there. I had driven motorcycles for many years. I have seen people drive in such a manner. There is no excuse for impatience. I’m sorry for the survivors. I laid down a bike once out of stupidity… I almost went under a car at a light. I was racing a car… Again I will say that there is no excuse for impatience or stupidity… PR


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