Multiple People Injured in Pinellas Park Crash


Multiple People Injured in Pinellas Park Crash

Multiple people were injured as a result of a motorcycle crash in Pinellas Park.

The crash occurred in the westbound lanes of Park Blvd near 47th Street N at approximately 4:12 p.m.

A trauma alert was declared on two people involved in the crash.  It appears to be the male operator and female passenger on the motorcycle.

Additional information will be posted when available.




  1. We are better than expected. I have possible nerve or ligament damage I have to go see a orthopaedic doctor to have an mri done bay front wouldn’t do an mri on my leg or my ankle. I can’t walk without assistance. My fiance the passenger had to get 4 staples in her head. She also has to get an mri done on her leg. She has possible muscular tearing in her calves. We are lucky. I want too thank everyone who kept me coherent.


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