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MyFOXDetroit.com Removes Article to Conduct Due Diligence

MyFOXDetroit.com Removes Article to Conduct Due Diligence

Update #2  —  8:30pm
Here is an update just released by Fox 2 News.  Thanks to everyone who took action and demanded a Fair and Balanced report.

Fox 2 News Headlines  

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May 24, 2014 – Update  — Original Article can be found below 

fox2detroit2 It now appears that Fox 2 News has responded to feedback regarding their previous article titled “Paramedics pose for photo at crash scene.”  It appears, this morning, that Fox 2 News has reached out to @Melanie92474 who took the photograph on-scene of the traffic incident.  The tweets that Fox 2 News sent to @Melanie92474 can be seen on the right. In addition, it appears that the original article has now been removed from the website.  Users attempting to access the story are finding this message.   fox2detroit Hopefully, a newly revised story will appear that is “Fair and Balanced” Dave Statter has been doing a great covering this story.  His website can be found Here at http://www.statter911.com/

Original Article 

May 22, 2014Fox 2 News Headlines

Above is a video story that Fox 2 News placed on their website on May 21, 2014.  The original story which is titled “Paramedics pose for photo at crash scene” can be found HERE.
Jake Glover, age 20, was involved in a single vehicle crash where he was knocked unconscious and does not remember the incident.  Crews from the Wayne-Westland Fire Association arrived on scene.  A photo taken by a bystander at the scene was then placed on Twitter by user @Melanie92474.   This photo along with discussions with Glover and his friends appears to have seemingly led Myfoxdetroit to conclude that the medics smiled and stopped to pose for this picture.


foxdetroitTheir lack of journalistic integrity allowed them to go forward with this story prior to speaking with others that were actually on the scene including the photo taker. @Melanie92474 did tweet her impression of the crews actions after this story went public (see below)

@FOX2News no that is not the case. I took the picture because I have a brand new sixteen year old driver and needed to show her what can happen!! The paramedic turned around at that point to give some support for us that were visibly shaken from this. He was unaware I was taking that pic. At that point they made us move. Do not make this into something its not they did a fantastic Job. @jakeglover593 but to place blame on the paramedics when they were there to save your life is just wrong. If u asked me instead of the news

Myfoxdetroit did receive a response from Wayne-Westland Deputy Fire Chief Patrick Harder. He stated that the crew did nothing wrong and followed proper protocol and that the men were simply waiting for the equipment needed to assist the victim.

WJBK and Myfoxdetroit should be ashamed by their disgusting coverage of this “news” event. The type of conclusion made by WJBK from a single photograph taken at 1/250th of second is absurd.  The lack of due diligence on the part of WJBK makes it even worse.

This is the same Fire Association that just remembered one of their own that died in the line of duty just over one year ago in a building collapse.brian

The news operation should immediately apologize to the Wayne-Westland Fire Association for their gross neglect in their news reporting.  Unfortunately, this has been picked up by news outlets all across the County.  The story should be revised to reflect the facts and not the slanted views of one misguided reporter (Andrea Isom)

Feel free to let them know your opinion on the story.  Email: [email protected]

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