Pinellas Park Police Arrest Man Following Crash for DUI and Child Neglect


Pinellas Park Police have arrested 26 year-old Shawnod Brown of Clearwater following a crash in Pinellas Park.

The crash occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 94th Avenue and 52nd Street.


Pinellas Park Police responded to the scene to conduct an crash investigation.  During the investigation officers observed signs of impairment from the driver, Shawnod Brown.

Inside Browns vehicle were his two small children; 6 years old and 7 months.

Police say Shawnod failed Field Sobriety Evaluations given at the scene and was taken into custody charged with DUI, Child Neglect, and was issued a citation as the at fault driver in the crash.

There were minor injuries as a result of the crash, neither child was injured.

Brown submitted to a test of his breath and the results were .172/.187

Both children were released to a family member.



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