PCSO Corporal Involved in Crash Leaving Motorcyclist Critical


PCSO Corporal Involved in Crash Leaving Motorcyclist Critical

Motorcycle heavily damaged after collision with vehicle at MLK and 62nd Ave in St. Petersburg
Motorcycle heavily damaged after collision with a vehicle at MLK and 62nd Pinellas: Deputy Involved Crash Leaves Motorcyclist CriticalPinellas: Deputy Involved Crash Leaves Motorcyclist Critical

Updated: January 15, 2015

On Thursday afternoon, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri held a news conference to update the status on the tragic accident that occurred on Tuesday evening involving one of his officers.

Gualtieri states that Corporal Miner, an undercover narcotics detective, was driving a 2011 Buick LaCrosse with 3 other detectives.  As Corporal Miner pulled onto 9th Street he failed to yield the right of way to 20 year-old Eli Ulibarrias.  Ulibarrias locked up the brakes of his motorcycle and was rushed to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg.  He he remains in “extremely critical” condition according to the Sheriff.  He is paralyzed from mid-chest down, both lungs collapsed, liver and kidney lacerated, a brain bleed and his spinal cord cut in two places along with a fractured spinal column.  Despite all of his injuries, he is expected to survive.

“Sole responsibility for this terrible accident rests with Corporal Miner and the sole liability rests with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office as his employer and responsible for this actions while on duty,” said the Sheriff. Corporal Miner was issued a citation for the violation of the right of way for failure to yield.  A review board at the Sheriff’s Office will also review the details of the incident.

Sheriff Gualtieri wrote a check in the amount of $200,000 which is the maximum allowed under Florida Law and offered it to Ulibarrias’ parents.  It was noted that it was Eli’s 21st birthday on January 14, 2015.

Two video were released by the Sheriff’s Office. One was of the news conference and the other is video footage of the collision from a camera in the area.

Video of news conference

Video of crash

Posted: January 13, 2016 12:45 AM

mcmlkA Corporal with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was involved in a crash Tuesday evening. The crash occurred at about 7:40 PM at the intersection of MLK St and 62nd Ave N in St Petersburg.

According to investigators, Corporal Joe Miner was driving his unmarked Sheriff’s Office vehicle and began to pull out of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot at 6132 Martin Luther King Street North.

20 year-old Eli Ulibarrias of St. Petersburg was on a 2005 Honda motorcycle and was traveling southbound on MLK Street North, approaching this area.

Corporal Miner pulled out of the parking lot and began to cross MLK Street North to head northbound when the motorcycle struck the driver’s side of his vehicle.

The motorcyclist, attempted to avoid the collision and locked up his brakes, causing him to slide into the side of the vehicle.

Eli Ulibarri was transported to a local hospital by Sunstar Paramedics with life threatening injuries.

Corporal Miner was not injured in the crash.

The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

It does not appear that speed or impairment are factors in the crash according to investigators.

The investigation continues.

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  1. Cop doesn’t yield the right away an no charges are pending? And they only check for speed an impairment of the motorcyclist? Prayers for the victim of the oblivious driver of the police car. Why are we not holding the driver of the police car responsible? Cops are above the law? This is wrong an incidents like this are not helping your reputation.

    • Where in the article does it say he wasn’t going to be charged? It says “the investigation continues”. They almost never cite ANYONE immediately until the investigation is complete. Then they file any/all charges all at once. The officer is a human being that made a mistake while driving. They mention speed because it’s always checked. If he wasn’t an off-duty officer you people wouldn’t have even commented.

      • Whenever I read about these motorcycle vs car incidents where the car pulled out in front of the bike or made a left turn in front of the bike I first give thanks that my son has stopped riding his motorcycle and then my thoughts and prayers go out to both parties involved. The realization that a moment’s inattention has ended or severally impacted another’s life is a massive burden to bear. Finally, I try to internalize it so that I don’t make the same error. Corporal Miner has selflessly served our community as a Sheriff’s Deputy, it’s a great pity that this situation may mar that service. Best hopes for all involved.

  2. The motorcyclist had no time or distance to avoid the crash. How the officer did not see this motorcyclist is the question. Did he even look? Other cars were also coming behind the motorcyclist. It is utterly sad and tragic this young man is paralized and possibly may not live because of this “mistake” of not looking for traffic. He was just driving innocently along like everyone else and was tragically slammed into the buick not by his doing…he had no time or distance to go anywhere else. Prayers for this young man, his family and friends.

    • That intersection is extremely busy and it was dark. If the headlight from the motorcycle blended with the cars behind him, I could see how this might happen. Motorcycle accidents are very common, otherwise they wouldn’t be deemed so dangerous. This was an accident. Just an accident. No malice, no privilege, just an accident. It is more news-worthy because an off duty PCSO Corporal was involved. Yes it is tragic, and along with the victim, the Corporal is also dealing with what happened. Again I say, he is a human being too. We all make mistakes. I lost a friend the very same way and guess what? It never made the news, papers, or social media because there wasn’t anyone involved that was a public servant.


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