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Pinellas: Two Near-Drownings in the Past 24 Hours

Two Near-Drownings Being Investigated in Pinellas County in the Past 24 hours
Two near-drownings of children being investigated in Pinellas County in the past 24 hours

Pinellas: Two Near-Drownings in the Past 24 Hours

Posted: February 14, 2016 – 11 AM

Two near-drownings in the past 24 hours in Pinellas County.

Crews from Clearwater Fire & Rescue are currently on scene attempting to resuscitate a 2 year-old that was found in a swimming pool.  The child is currently being transported to Mease Countryside Hospital.[Update 12:20PM: Bayflite is currently on the ground and preparing the transfer the child to St. Joseph’s Hospital]

Please remember to take all precautions to prevent these type of incidents.  Since seconds count, make sure you learn CPR. Plenty of free CPR classes are available through Sunstar Paramedics, City of Seminole Fire Rescue and many other local organizations.

Below is information on a near drowning yesterday that left a 1 year-old with life-threatening injuries.

It was Saturday afternoon about 6 PM that crews from Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Clearwater and Sunstar Paramedics responded to a home in Unincorporated Clearwater for reports of a 1 year-old in cardiac arrest following a near drowning.

According to a press release from Sgt. Spencer Gross of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, detectives are investigating the near drowning of a 1-year-old boy who was found lying face down in a 55 gallon drum of water.

According to detectives, 1-year-old Anthony Petroski was with his father, Alexander Petroski, in the backyard of their residence. Anthony wandered off for less than a minute while Alexander was working in the backyard. Detectives say that when Alexander realized that he could no longer see Anthony, he went looking for him and found Anthony lying face down in a 55 gallon drum of water.

Alexander pulled Anthony from the water and performed CPR until Dunedin Fire Rescue personnel arrived on scene.

Anthony had a pulse and was breathing before being transported by ambulance to Mease Countryside hospital for life-threatening injuries.

Detectives say that the 55 gallon drum of water, which was being utilized for Alexander’s tilapia farm, was partially buried in the ground and was covered with a screen.

Detectives said that the incident appears to be accidental in nature.

The investigations continues.

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