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Police attempting to take Ex NFL player Antonio Brown into custody at a Tampa home

The Tampa Police Department has a court authorized arrest warrant for 34 year-old Antonio Brown who was recently involved in a domestic battery incident with a woman.

On November 28, 2022, at approximately 1:30 p.m., the suspect and victim were involved in a verbal altercation at a home in South Tampa.

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At some point later on, the argument turned physical, after the suspect threw a shoe at the victim. The suspect also attempted to evict the victim from the residence and locked her out of the home.

The Tampa Police Department, was denied, by Judge Denise Pomponio, a temporary risk protection order against Brown on November 29, 2022. A risk protection order, also known as a Red Flag Law, is intended to reduce the risk of violence by temporarily restricting access to firearms and ammunition by people identified as posing a significant risk to themselvesĀ or others.

Warrant details have not yet been released.

Police are speaking with Brown who has not yet been taken into custody.

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