Pinellas Park Man Charged with Aggravated Child Abuse of his 1 Month Old Daughter


Pinellas Park Man Charged with Aggravated Child Abuse of his 1 Month Old Daughter

Detectives assigned to the Crimes Against Children Unit arrested a Pinellas Park man after he intentionally squeezed a 1-month-old and fractured several of the infant’s ribs.

The incidents occurred between June 19, 2017 and July 4, 2017 at a private residence in Pinellas Park and a private residence in Seminole.

Detectives say they began their investigation on July 11, 2017, after the 1-month-old infant was admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for fractured ribs and bruising. Detectives say the mother 25-year-old Sara Nixon, and the child’s father 25-year-old Daniel Nixon, originally brought the infant to the hospital for digestive problems and a bruise to her leg.

Detectives learned from doctors the infant suffered from over 20 rib fractures.

Detectives conducted interviews with the parents and identified inconsistencies in Daniel Nixon’s statements.

On Thursday, July 13, 2017, detectives interviewed Daniel Nixon at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office located at 10750 Ulmerton Road in Largo.

Daniel Nixon admitted to detectives he intentionally squeezed the infant on at least two occasions, with significant force, because the infant was crying and he was frustrated.

Detectives arrested Daniel Nixon and transported him to the Pinellas County Jail without incident.

Daniel Nixon was charged with one count of aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm.

The infant was released from the hospital to the custody of a family member.

The investigation continues.




  1. Are you serious, you think he admitted that! Anything you say to the cops or CPI is twisted, first hand experience here! And the news don’t tell you everything; just want to make people have angry feelings and be emotional about cases like this before any actual medical diagnosis is even established. It’s complete bs!

  2. Or the newborn has infantile rickets. Nobody knows anything about the labor and is assuming it didn’t happen as a birth related injury due to maybe rickets or vitamin d deficiency; all is speculation from the peanut gallery as the story paints the family and father to be a monster when I know first hand whatthey make a person to be when the blast their picture all over the news without all the facts.

  3. Jennifer, you really need to read up on the varacity of admissions/confessions to first responders/hospital staff/police/prosecutors. There are valid retrospective case studies that show that admissions you’re referring to have little to no validity due to plea bargains and more importantly the psychological “memory loss” because of the pure horror of the moment. Don’t believe me, well I can personally account to that fact. I’ll let you take a look at my treatment record at the VA. I suffer from PTSD because of service in the Marine Corps. I had 5 near death experiences in 4 years. In my medical records you’d see little to know recollection of any of the details of my experiences. I can’t even tell you the years in which they occurred. Oh, some of the larger details sure I can remember but I can’t tell you who else was involved, the weather and in some cases where the incident even occurred. Don’t be so quick to judge. You’re the type of person a prosecutor would LOVE on their jury and you’re every defense attorney’s nightmare. Put yourself as the accused an take a look across the courtroom seeing yourself sitting in the jury box. Still feel so confident in your opinion?


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